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We are Tommy Tang and Crick King, two Australians based in Barcelona. We started collaborating in Melbourne, Australia, in 1995. 

Tommy brings business acumen and an eye for the potential of things. Crick, a background in Industrial design and an eye for the beauty of things.

Our experiences and adventures creating, running and expanding our own businesses and helping others do the same have given us an insight that is both creative and pragmatic.

-Business development and expansion
-Business consultancy
-Interior and furniture design
-Branding, graphic and packaging design 

1995. Sydney

Tommy starts his first busines, Punky Nugget, a cafe and showcase for his obsession with 1950’s milkbars.

1997. Melbourne

We open our first business together; Suga, a hand-made rock candy business. We sell the business with 3 stores and move to Barcelona.

1997. Barcelona

We set up Papabubble, another hand-made rock candy business. Utilising our 5 years of experience, this new business is both more experimental and more informed by the artisanal culture of Europe.

We collaborate with Comme de Garçons on a range of edible powders

We sell the business having opened a further 3 stores in New York, Tokyo and Amsterdam.

2010. Barcelona

We open Federal, a cafe inspired by the small town of Federal near Byron Bay in Australia. We turn an old children’s clothing store into a 3 storey ‘house’ in the city.

2013. Barcelona

We open Mat Bar in Barcelona, with the idea of mixing vintage sport equipment, the queer and straight community and great food and cocktails.

2013. Barcelona

We open Cloudstreet organic bakery in the city’s oldest wood-fired bakery. We team up with a Mexican medieval flautist and baker.

2013. Barcelona

Working with local manufacturers, we produce the first ‘Paul’ table, an evolution of a design first made by Paul King, Crick’s father. It becomes the symbolic communal table of all new Federal cafes and is also commisioned for a private house in Barcelona and offices in London.

2013. Madrid

We open Federal cafe in Conde Duque.

2015. Barcelona

We open Federal cafe in Ciutat Vella.

2015. Barcelona

We produce the concept and interior design for the Hotel Brummell. Inspired by the work of Geoffrey Bawa, the Sri Lankan architect, we create our interpretation of tropical modernism for a 20 room hotel in the neighbourhood of Poble Sec.

2016. Valencia

We open Federal cafe in an historic corner building in the old city.

2016. Girona

We open Federal cafe in the old city.

2016. Madrid

We open the second Federal cafe in Madrid’s historic centre.

2017. Barcelona

We produce the concept and interior/exterior design for a new food store in El Born.

2019. Sitges 

We open the 7th Federal in Sitges, a coastal town 35 minutes south of Barcelona.

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